September 29, 2013


I am certain it is fair to say I have been a faithful correspondent at this blog. I make no claims as to quality, but I have presented you with quantity. I have averaged about 40 posts a month since the last week of March 2005 (102 months and 4,230 posts). There are people who post more. But all things considered, I think I have faithfully followed the Acidman's admonition to post every single day*.

Anyway, this post is to beg your indulgence in the coming weeks as my electronic scribblings may miss a day or two here and there. I am facing a brutal work schedule and the wife and I have decided to make some changes. We bought a house on the north side of the big city this week. We are leaving this hamlet for the delights of suburbia.

The change was harder for my wife than it was for me. We have lived in this town for 24 years (not in the same house). She has strong ties to the community and knows a lot of people here. I have never worked locally. When we first moved here and I worked at a factory, it was in another town. When I went into sales it was in an office by my lonesome. Working from home has also kept me sheltered. I know some folks from coaching various sports when my kids were small, but I have not formed the attachment my wife has through raising the kids, school, PTO,play group, clubs, and work.

In any case this is my typical long-winded way of telling you that painting and packing and moving and maintaining my work schedule will all take precedence over bloggedity philosophizing. Oh, it could be I won't miss a beat. After all, as evidenced by much of my body of work, I spend about 15 minutes a day writing this stuff. But I am warning you things may get spotty.

All of which begs the question, would anyone have even noticed?**

*sadly, today much of the blog world has no idea who the Acidman was.
**nothing like ending a post with a one sentence paragraph comprised of passive voice. That is surely the way to leave 'em longing for more!


Jean said...

You bet we'd notice!
And, Acid Man would be proud.

Jean said...


Congrats on the new house.

Rita said...

Oh, so you're going to become one of THOSE people. Shall we predict how long it will be before you look down at those of us on the redneck side of the city?

I'm betting you'll be voting for some liberal democrat next election.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Hey! Not all us northsiders are bleeding-heart progs!

Anonymous said...

I think Hamilton county is pretty red


Ed Bonderenka said...

Notice what?

Rita said...

It is. They have just a little less red on their necks than some of us from a different suburb of the big city.

Not sure which direction we will go when we decide to downsize.

Grandkids are just a little north of where you'll be, my family is south. We're used to the side of of town with no traffic.

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