September 18, 2013

Dear Republican Party

I am sorry to put this in such stark terms. I am a conservative first, Republican second. It is time for for all Republicans to stand for your beliefs. Perhaps you should take a page from the Democrat playbook.  They took the opportunity to pass ObamaCare when they had a chance, despite the certainty it would cost the party seats in the House and Senate. Wrong-headed legislation was the result, but at least they stood by their political convictions. It is time to see if the Republican Party is the Party of Reagan or of  Rockefeller. If the Republican Party is really aiming to be Democrats-lite, it is time to find an organization that represents my political beliefs.

Too many Republicans, especially the leadership, are only interested in staying in power. During the last election top Republicans were livid over right-wing TEA Party types offering primary challenges to old-line Republican RINOs. I say better a Democrat than a Democrat-lite. Who wants RC when Coke is available?

You are faced with an opportunity to slow and or stop ObamaCare. Every Republican has paid lip service to ending this miserable legislation. Now it is time to put courage to your convictions. If this is not the issue to take a stand, then what is? At some point you must have principles, even if it means you may lose the next election. We sent you to Congress to represent the People, not the Party. Perhaps the leadership of the Republican Party failed to pay attention in history class. In the antebellum period the Whigs tried to straddle the slavery issue, mouthing platitudes, but never taking a firm stand, more interested in winning elections than doing the right thing. In case you have not noticed, there has not been a Whig Party for 150 years.

I am certain I speak for millions of Americans when I vow going forward I will vote only for candidates that represent my limited Government, free enterprise convictions -- regardless of party.  If that means I have to "waste" my vote on Libertarian legalize marijuana nut-jobs, so be it. If that means I "waste" my vote by choosing "none of the above", so be it. I would rather let a liberal win than vote for a moral political coward only interested in power, not principle. I will never hold my nose and choose the "lesser of two evils" again. After all, isn't that still a vote for evil?

It looks like I am not alone when I say shut it down,  cut spending, defund the ACA. Most of you agree with me.

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Anonymous said...

I lost any respect for the so called Republican party last election.

James Old Guy

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