September 4, 2013

Any place but here

I am chanelling the Go-Go's this morning. I need a vacation.

I am tempted at every turn. I get emailed unbelievable cruise deals nearly every day, and the Hilton Hotel people want me to use some of those points I accumulate on a regular basis. They email me offers to visit exotic destinations and remind me of my point balance. The airlines offer me reduced fares to get there, wherever 'there' may be.
Instead I got up early and did some work. My monthly report for August is due, so I knocked it out before turning to the old blog this morning. It is business plan time and forecasts and numbers are taunting me and laughing at me and calling me names just like the school bullies did back at Samuel P. Kyger Elementary School. The business plan developed for 2013 has turned into the king of all wedgies as Obamanonics continues to hold the economy hostage. Things are not looking much brighter for 2014. How is that Hope and Change workin' out for you?

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