September 24, 2013

I wonder... many Republicans truly have the courage of their convictions? I wonder how many of our modern politicians believe in their cause sufficiently to endanger their next election? Read the biographies of the antebellum Congressmen and Senators. Some were on the wrong side of history, some stood for principles in spite of heavy public pressure. But they stood by their convictions.

Congressional courage will be tested in the coming weeks.  Let the Democrats shut down the beast. Take the blame. Remember, almost 70% of the country does not like ObamaCare. We don't want it and this is last and best hope to kill it. For once, stand firm with a clear message -- "The Democrats forced this unpopular law on us, The Democrats are shutting down the Government."  Repeat every time a talking head shoves a microphone in your face with the conviction of a POW citing name, rank, and serial number.  Say no more and say no less and make sure every diarrhea mouth politician in the Party sticks to the short and simple two-line script.

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