September 13, 2013

Now we can get something done

Since Putin has bailed The Obama out of the foreign policy mess the President and his idiot SecState created, maybe we can get the Russians to get our economy moving, do something about unemployment and start building the Keystone XL pipeline.

It is a sad damn day when we have to look to the fucking Ruskies for world leadership.  We really are living in Jimmah Carter's third term.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Hey, I'm part Russian, and my Russian part wishes to distance itself from the current Russian dictator of the moment.

Of course, my Russian ancestors were smart enough to LEAVE before the revolution.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping President stupid would get a clue, I guess not.
James Old Guy

diamond dave said...

Guys like Putin routinely eat guys like Obama for breakfast. And when we're talking world stage here, we know we're in trouble.

lotta joy said...

The "O's" power went to his head and there wasn't a brain to self-control himself. Now we look like the idiots he has made us be. NOT a country to look up to now, but he's not worried about it. THAT is the shame.

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