September 3, 2013

Almost forgot to title this one

We went to see The Way Way Back last night. It was a first rate movie and both the wife and I enjoyed it very much. That will have to suffice for my review, you can read the link for critics reviews. Personally, I rarely pay attention to critics, they  need to find meaning in every movie, while I simply want to be entertained.  Generally if dickwads like the late Roger Ebert hated a movie it was a sure bet I would like it. Similarly, if he loved a movie the odds were pretty good I would find it a yawner. For example, the classic Dumb and Dumber is funny as hell. Is it stupid -- Yes. Does it have redeeming social value -- no. Will it be listed one of the greatest films ever -- not likely. Would I rather watch a couple of guys cross the country in a giant dog van or an artistic, critically acclaimed movie like The Piano? No contest. I bet most of you agree, even if you will not admit it. In the case of The Way Way Back, the critics and I actually agree -- it is a good movie.

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