October 4, 2013

...and boy are my arms tired

Three bedrooms and one bath done, 6 million zillion square feet to go. I have been a painting fiend this week. The rolling I don't mind, it is the detail trim work that kills me. My declining vision does not help.  What I used to do with a quick steady swipe of a good brush is now hard work. My elbow and arm and back are aching. The legs are a bit sore too; lots of up and down when painting. Thankfully, the wife has determined the walls are acceptable in the living room and dining room, so I do not have to do those walls. We are going to outsource the two-story entrance way.  Did I mention I would rather scoop dog turds bare-handed than paint? Working the job by day, painting every evening is a task for youngsters. I guess I am reliving my youth. Moving the furniture still lies over the horizon.

No Friday music today. I am sure there will be buckets of tears about that.


hey teacher... said...

What, no music! I would think you could have slipped us a little "Paint It Black"/Rolling Stones or "The Painter/Deep Purple.
Better invest in some Icy Hot for the weekend.

Rollin', Rollin ', Rollin'...

Anonymous said...

Damn teach I should have thought of those songs


Ed Bonderenka said...

Teach got it.

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