October 6, 2013

This is disgusting

There is no reason to barricade outdoor monuments in a grassy area*. Petty, childish, malevolent, capricious, choose your adjective.

Says a Park Service ranger of the harassment, “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.” Yes, it is.

It sure proves a point to spend more money closing something than it takes to leave it open.  This is your President, America.  As Doug Ross said, if they can be this petty and spiteful ofver the budget, imagine what they can do with your healthcare. Will you be denied insulin if you vote for the wrong candidate?

*nor parts of the ocean
Nor State highways that offer a distant view of Mt. Rushmore


Anonymous said...

I see you tried talk some sense into the complete moron's on another site. I would think a hot shower is in order after wading through that garbage pit.
Obama and his thugs are pure trash, no other words can describe such a useless person and his followers.

James Old Guy

lotta joy said...

Complete morons are in the majority. I KNOW, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the men who fought and died in WWII did NOT have any idea that freedom meant closing down cherished monuments out of spite.

I once worked for a man like him, (in ALL ways) and he hid his incompetency with threats.

mts1 said...

How can one close a static display? As long as everything is in good order (no falling concrete), just hang a sign saying that upon entering a site under shutdown implies that you assume all risks if you fall. How many cemeteries and monuments have zero staff, just parks people who check up every once in a while to make sure no vandalism or natural damage occurred. And they shut Biscayne Bay to destroy Florida's vacation boating industry? Whatever became of these states' bills passed that reaffirmed their belief in the 10th Amendment?

Erin O'Brien said...

Folks, every single House member just voted to pay furloughed GOV workers for not working--including your beloved TeaBaggers.

Yesterday, Boehner appeared on "This Week" saying that the negotiations would be about retiree entitlement programs.

Huh? I thought this was about the ACA. Guess not.

Who knows what's driving the GOP these days. Just keep an eye on Virginia, babies.

og said...

Wow, you even have filth following you home. Bleach and truth usually get rid of it though.

Erin O'Brien said...

Every time you call me a name, I win.

og said...

Yes, indeed. You win the opportunity for more people to realize what a worthless piece of trash you are, and how badly the world needs to be disinfected of filth like you. Congrats! you win again!

Rita said...

Yeah, teabagger isn't filth on the liberal side of the world. That's their display of tolerance by calling conservatives filthy porn names and then complaining when someone calls them out on it.

Most live are very tolerant, unless yoi disagree with them.

In the meantime, it's acceptable to shut down the Amber Alert website, but leave Michelle Obama's site up.

Just like its acceptable to block off the sidewalks of the Vietnam Veterans a Memorial, but open the areas where the illegal immigrants want to hold a rally.

Was Pelosi out there welcoming the WWII vets like she is the people who are here illegally?

She's a disgusting pig.

og said...

Indeed, Rita. Trickle down petulance.

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