November 5, 2013

A massive failure to launch

If you have read here for more than a month or two you know I like to be right. I am not shy about pointing it out, either. I can crow and you liberals can eat the same when it comes to ObamaCare.  Everything the critics said about the law is coming true. It is a disaster. It is a failure. It is an expensive Exhibit A for the what goes wrong when Big Government gets involved. At this point we should have just given a few thousand bucks to every supposedly uninsured in the country and we would all be better off.

If the Stupid Party had been behind such a disaster the Democrats Liberals Progressives Hypocrites on the Left would be marching and wailing in near apoplectic rage. Instead liberal bloggers are as quiet as church mice as their dream slowly turns into a nightmare. I am not surprised. Most liberals lack the character and moral fortitude to actually criticize their own. To their credit, that is why they win elections.  When you lack a strong moral foundation it is far easier to hold your nose and pull the lever in the voting booth.

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diamond dave said...

The problem goes far deeper than Democrats vs. Republicans. The problem is the complete disconnect between Washington and the rest of America. It's been creeping along for years, became more pronounced during the latter term of the GW Bush presidency, and has culminated with the current empty chair administration and a Congress whose behavior has more in common with a zooful of monkeys flinging their shit at bystanders.

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