November 1, 2013

A short / medium length post wherein I ramble a bit and provide some Friday Music

How about a little of the Floyd for Friday music? None of the "The Wall" commercial nonsense, either.

It is done, we are out of the southern homestead lock, stock and barrel. Does anyone say that anymore? Sometimes I trot forth an anachronistic phrase and my kids and co-workers look at me like I am crazy. For example a few weeks ago one of the marketing guys told me not to worry about a certain event. I told him it would roll off me "like water on a duck's back". He thought that was the weirdest thing he had ever heard. He claimed no one in his life had uttered such a phrase in his presence.  He allowed it must be a Hoosier thing. I submit he is far poorer for language since he lives in New Yawk (albeit upstate). Now I am concerned  I routinely speak in an unique AppalachianHoosierAmishRedneck dialect.

It rained in buckets last night. The weather girl said we had the equivalent of a Midwestern hurricane with 70 mph winds, very low pressure and drenching rains. There were no coconuts flying through the air to smash windows like nature's cannonballs though. Besides, the storm moved through faster than a hurricane does. A mere couple of hours and the worst of it had passed.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

We sure didn't get the weather that Storm Team Scare Team were predicting, though. No thunder and lightning, no tornadoes, no random destruction to show on the 6AM news. Poor Storm Team Scare Team. They haven't had much to celebrate this year, have they?

Ed Bonderenka said...

Slept through it all here.
Drove to work through a branch strewn street.

Rita said...

We heard one big wind gust and that was it. It did take down a couple weak trees on our country road.

diamond dave said...

Thank you, oh thank you, for not putting up Another Brick In The Wall, probably the most overplayed classic rock tune of all time. I love a lot of Pink Floyd, but I'm so burned out on that one that every time I hear it I go into a Sam Kinison rant.

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