November 15, 2013

Friday Music -- ObamaCare version

Yep, The Obama is sorry.  Not so sorry he will back away from his eponymous disaster, though.  He is just sorry we are all screwed. Just sorry so many actually believed his filthy lies.

Too bad for you. Too bad for me.


Anonymous said...

It's Bush's fault, no wait it's the TEA Party, no wait it's the evil Republicans. Uh, never mind, going back to showing cute pictures and other bullshit on my blog.

Any Liberal

diamond dave said...

Wonderful classic country, and I'm not even much of a country fan. This song should be superimposed over every news conference Obama gives about Obamacare.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Played on the Bennett show a lot lately.

Anonymous said...

Bennett is not on here. So I did not know


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