November 12, 2013

Winter is coming

I wanted a house with mature trees. Now I have a billion and seven leaves on my yard. The rain and wind yesterday brought down many who still stubbornly held on to their wooden perches high above the ground. Golden and brown they flew through the air under cloudy skies. A thin dusting of snow covered them in the evening hours. Winter is upon us. Now I have a soggy mess I need to clean up at some point. Mostly I was waiting on the big maple out front to finally turn and shed its leaves and now it is doing so in massive quantities. Still, I love living on a property with trees, even though my slice of heaven is pretty small, even for an urban setting.

The garage is still full of...stuff...waiting to be unpacked and distributed. It is mostly the wife's knick knacks, baskets, pictures, etc. There is also sundry garage type stuff, tools, cushions for the outdoor chairs, coolers, baseball bags, brooms, tennis rackets; the detritus we all collect. I just have not found their proper place yet. In a few weeks we will be dragging the Christmas decoration boxes out of the attic and that will only add to the clutter.

I'm OK with it all. Life has been pretty good. I just keep waiting on the other shoe to drop. A lifetime pf pessimism is hard to shed.

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Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Could be worse. You could have all that AND a busted sewer pipe in your yard.

Ah, the joys of home ownership.

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