December 12, 2013

0 as in Zero

...and I am not talking about the President taking selfies at a funeral (stay classy Obama). Zero is the temperature as I hunt and peck these letters. That is cold anywhere. Think of it this way, it is possible, if your 'fridge was outside, that you could open your freezer to get some warmer air. On the other hand, it is winter, so we should not be surprised that there is snow and cold and short days.

An asshole mugged my oldest boy Monday evening. He took his money and cell phone at gunpoint. At least he threw down the wallet after lifting the cash so he still has his credit cards and ID. Most importantly, my son was not hurt.

I am back in the old homestead after a week of travel to exotic and wonderful places, each warm and sun filled. Actually I was in Charlotte and other North Carolina venues, but it was warmer than here. My flight was delayed. so I got to spend about four extra hours in the Charlotte airport. Good for me (sarcasm font alert). I am going to slap alongside the head with my worn suitcase the next jerk who tells me "I wish I had your job,  traveling around must be fun",

Still, did you notice I managed to put up semi-cogent masterpieces of bloggity goodness all week? Well, I posted some stuff anyway. If you were especially on top of things today you might notice I pulled a Freddie (hey Freddie if you are out there!) and pulled a post I published earlier this morning. Don't worry, you missed nothing.


Anonymous said...

Heh. Of all the days to drop in eh?

Glad your son wasn't hurt. THINGS can be replaced.

And, yeah. It's COLD.


Joe said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours Freddie!

Please blog again!

Don't make me use more exclamation points...

Ed Bonderenka said...


Rita said...

Thank God your son wasn't hurt. The photographer we used for Bob's bday pics was friends with the lady whose husband was killed a week or so ago when he was buying a IPad from Craigslist.

They just arrested the assholes who shot him. They are 18 and 19. What the hell is going on with our once safe city?

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