December 31, 2013


I am not one for big end-of-the-year retrospectives but this has been a pretty good year. We went on the vacation of a lifetime when the wife and I cruised the Caribbean in March. I went to China in June where I walked the Great Wall. We bought a new house and moved away from the small town where we have lived for 24 years. There were a few events that dampened the year, but I will not dwell on those.
another brick in the wall...

As far as the old blog goes, readership was down significantly, an indication of the quantity and quality of my posts. I also think the general state of blogging has changed with more and more people migration to Facebook and other social media.  Thus far I have resisted the temptation to move my (almost) daily musings to other platforms.

As you head out to celebrate the tuning of the calendar this evening avoid driving if you plan on drinking. Here is a musical interlude to get your party started:

This is the closest I could get, Teacher. I hope it will suffice!

Best wishes for a Happy New Year to you all.


Ralphd00d said...

May more good things happen for us all this next year. Thanks for sharing this year!

hey teacher... said...

The secret word is "perfect". Arrrrrrrghhhh!!! Thank!

mts1 said...

I long since pulled my blog. You, Og, and a certain Texan were regulars, but it got no further than that, and once I climbed on social media I spoke to people I knew from school, or the Army, or current acquaintances, and I had hooks in posts to get their interest since we had x,y,z in common, and by then general purpose blogging was done a lot better by far beter writers, and all I was doing was a shadow of that. Like guitar, once you know you won't be a big thing you just play it for people closer to you who are at least polite if they don't enjoy the effort.

If you pull the blog, it's been good following, too bad we'll never have that cigar on one of your many swings-by, but I wish you well.

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