December 13, 2013

Dear Republican Party

So, you think conservatives are misguided and killing your party? You may be correct. I suspect you are about see if your theory is true. If you do not want my vote, or my support, that can be easily arranged. I am done voting for candidates who do not support a smaller government and lower spending. I want someone who thinks a "cut" in spending is actually reducing spending, not just spending less than you wanted. My wife did not buy that new bedroom furniture she wanted, did she "save" me a couple of grand?  Of course not, but those who go to Washington want us to accept just that logic. Worse they think we will actually believe that spending more now and promising to make up that difference in 2021 or 2022 is reducing spending.

The Republicans just joined the Democrats in scrapping the only true reduction in Government spending we have seen in years. In fact, spending has increased every year under Boehner's leadership in the House.

So, is it fair to punish a politician because they voted for a bad budget bill?  Why yes, So congrats Susan Brooks. You officially made sure you will never get my vote again. Stupid Republicans just do not get that the Tea Party is not a party.  It is millions of Americans who are tired of ever growing Government intrusion, of higher taxes of burgeoning bureaucracy, and legislation. Even a cursory reading of statistics shows Romney lost not because Obama was so overwhelmingly popular, but that a significant number of former Republican voters stayed home. I never attended a Tea Party rally.  I never identified myself as a Tea Party member. I am a conservative. But I will never, ever hold my nose and vote for the lesser of two evils again.

Increased spending, a failure to do anything about ObamaCare but claim "we will fix it later" a utter failure to retaliate in the Senate after Harry Reid blew up the filibuster rules, and a plan to shove amnesty down our throat is a recipe for disaster. The Boehner Bunch are the new Whig party, Democrats in every aspect but name. I can only hope the Republican Party garners the same fate.


Anonymous said...

I have mixed feelings about the latest budget agreement. In my very humble opinion what the budget deal has done is taken the budget out of the looming election rhetoric. Was this a smart tactical maneuver to bring the upcoming battles around Obamacare? If some sort of agreement hadn’t been completed you can bet that the press and the Democrats would be beating the Republicans and the TEA party to death passing the blame. So in reality what has this agreement done for both parties? The Democrats now own this budget, the Republicans can claim they cooperated with democrats having no choice due to political odds. Will these so called cuts happen? Of course not but no more battles around budget for two years. The focus is now on the White House and its inability to do anything right. Obamacare can be the winning ticket in many races if the Republican party can come up with an alternative to the looming disaster. The so called TEA party needs to take a deep breath and come up with solutions instead of just bitching if they expect to gain any ground. Anyone can make a fancy speech, the proof sits in the White House, coming up with workable solutions and leadership is different and I have yet to see the Republicans come up with anything.

James Old Guy

Joe said...

You are correct in your analysis. I would not be so pissed if it was not jus ta couple of months ago the Boehner claimed he would NEVER give in on sequestration.

The sad fact is that I know my ideal will never happen. Only power-hungry assholes go into politics and they will never willingly give up power, and that power is in the money the Government can spend.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I'm less concerned with the budget deal -- which at least takes another shutdown off the table and keeps people focused on the Obamacare disaster -- than I am with Boehner's completely asinine statement about the conservative wing of his own party. Stupid son of a bitch. Does he WANT to be in the minority again in 2015? Boehner needs to take Calvin Coolidge's advice and STFU if he can't find anything else useful to say.

Joe said...

Yes, I think I am probably more pissed at Boehner than I am the budget deal. I do not think the GOP understands the Chamber of Commerce may provide money, but it is the conservative base that provides votes.

diamond dave said...

All good points. The GOP and the Tea Party needs to come up with sensible alternatives and stop being the bitching party and the party of "no". All they're succeeding in doing is pissing off many who would otherwise support them, and making them stay home. Which is exactly what the Democrats want, because voters that stay home = default vote for the Dems, and an easy W in their column.

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