December 23, 2013

Searching in vain for the ultimate post title

Here we are bright and early on a Monday morning. I am ostensibly working today, but the head office is manned with a skeleton crew and few, if any, of my customers are open today. I plan to use the time to get caught up on some paperwork, do long-neglected filing, and clean up my voluminous email. I have low expectations regarding my level of success in completing these mundane tasks.  I find doing them as boring as you do reading about them.

On the plus side it may mean multiple posts from the blog owner today. You should check back every fifteen  minutes few hours to make sure you read the latest in riveting examples of blogging excellence (such as the opening paragraph to today's entry).


hey teacher... said...

Good thing I'm off today, I'd hate to miss a fresh pile of posts.

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling,spent 10 hours at work today, and will spend 5 hours Christmas eve and back to work on the 26th for another 10. I could take the time off but the stars and the planets have to be aligned on the 6th of January. I hate being dedicated to giving my employer their moneys worth. I guess I can blame it on my father and his work ethic, damn orphans of the great depression.
James Old Guy

hey teacher... said...

I'll spend today and Thursday grading papers from the end of the semester because the cosmos must be in order on January 2nd. On Friday, I'll go into school and get the room ready for the 160 new students I'll be getting after semester break and on Monday I'll read over the 75 IEPs and 25 section 504 forms I have for the "new" students. I hate being dedicated too and actually giving my employer more than their money's worth. I could blame it on my mom and dad who both worked until they passed away at 75 and 69 respectively, but I place no blame because hard work is not a bad thing.

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