December 20, 2013

What I have learned in the past few weeks

The thought police are alive and well among the "tolerant" and much, much smarter and better than you progressive-types. It has come to this; you are not allowed to have a differing opinion on any matter. It is of no consequence that a news anchor thinks Jesus and Santa are white. It is irrelevant if a fundamentalist Christian actually believes fundamentalist Christian stuff. These thoughts and opinions must be censored and stamped from the public discourse.

Like much in today's political world this trend leaves me completely confused. Who cares what someone else thinks as long as those beliefs do not impact me? If you want to worship the right front fender of a '64 Ford Falcon, who am I to complain? If you like the novels of Danielle Steele, good for you. If you want to proclaim to the world your love of dildoes and ObamaCare, I am good with that.

If a businessman and star of a reality show thinks men boffing men and girls licking girls is a sin, who cares? His opinion does not in any way impede your lifestyle if you are into men or women or even giant fuzzy stuffed animals. Why do you need his approval?

If my customer chooses to say a brief prayer before lunch I can join him, or sit quietly and respectfully while he invokes a blessing. It has no effect on me or my beliefs. If a woman wants to wear a burqa on a hot summer day and walk three steps behind her husband, who am I to say she is wrong? As long as they have no similar requirement for my wife, it is of no consequence to me. Do you want your Santa to be black? OK, mine is white. For all I know my neighbor thinks Santa is a Martian, all green with a butt-shaped head. Who am I to tell him he is wrong?

Back in my old town there was a militant vegetarian who harangued the public regularly in the editorial pages about the evils of eating meat.  If he wants to murder a carrot or boil a brussel sprout alive, It is none of my business. But when he wants to ban chicken or beefsteak, then we have an issue. That is the problem with your average progressive, you must conform or else. It is a universal fault with the mindset.  Ask anyone who lived in Communist China or the old USSR.

Why is it the leftist insist we must conform to their worldview?

I am about half-afraid to publish anything here that is not pure pablum.


DownStateIN Dale said...

That is what the left is counting on. That reasonable individuals will hunker down and not say a thing.

I am a fine one to talk, as a troll the blogs without writing anything. Yet the premise is the same - bad things will occur to our freedoms because good people choose to do nothing.

Just know that us readers (all six of us) appreciate what you do, and the time you sacrifice to do it. Keep up the good fight and best to you and your family during this holiday season.

Best wishes
DownStateIN Dale

Anonymous said...

The Duck Dynasty issue is going to get interesting. A total set up, just like they do anyone that doesn't toe the line progressive liberal line of thought. I doubt if the gay lesbian activists even watch the show, but since other people do the cry baby bitches want it shut down. To stupid to realize that the real reaction will be negative in the end to their agenda.

James Old Guy

Cappy said...


The back fender of that car is the true way of G-d!

A fatwa on your pizza!

Joe said...

Thanks for the kind words down in dale. I passed right by the 'burbs of Dale earlier this week as I headed home from DaleEvansville.

hey teacher... said...

Pass thru el Ferdinando?

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