January 6, 2014

It looks like a poem outside

Yesterday's snow was wet and heavy. It made for a beautiful postcard-like image as it stuck in thick layers to the trees and branches. The temperatures dropped significantly and quickly just as the wind picked up, so the heavy snow is now stuck to the trees.  The howling wind is making for a dangerous situation as the laden branches crack and break. Fallen trees and branches have already snapped power lines cutting electricity to many in the area. Thank goodness we are not among those unlucky citizens. I worry about some of my trees.  The Bradford Pears are sagging heavily, as is the ornamental Japanese maple(?) that looks like an over-sized Banzai tree next to the patio. The ice coated branches of the giant weeping willow are reflecting like jewels in the sun, but that extra weight cannot be good.

Do not let the weather blogging confuse you. I have no issue with winter. In fact I rather like it.  Would I prefer a nice 75 degree sunny day with low humidity? Of course. But the change of seasons makes that Chamber of Commerce weather special and savored.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Well said. Fine writing there.

Joe said...

Ed you are too kind

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