January 23, 2014

Love will keep us together. Until it doesn't

The Captain and Tennille have called it quits after 39 years of marriage. I have two comments:
1. I did not even know the couple was married.
2. I did not know they were still alive. 
Do you think the Captain sported his famous hat when Toni asked him to "Do that to me one more time"?

There will be no musical selection to commemorate this post, because believe it or not I do have standards.


Ralphd00d said...

... and the Captain says he didn't see it coming .... pshh.

Rita said...

She ran off with Muskrat Sam. NOW try to get that song out of your head.

diamond dave said...

OK, enough of the 70's earworms, please!

Anonymous said...

Cue the Love Boat theme please

mts1 said...

People harp on me that if I don't get married, there will be no one to look after me in my old age. I've seen enough 20+ year marriages end to know 1) she will leave for a better offer at the drop of a hat, and 2) if I get ill or incapacitated enough to be an inconvenience, she'll book just the same.

Ole Cap gets a nerve disease, and oops time to head for the door with bags packed. Hell it's hard enough to find a woman who'll want to cook and clean anymore while you're fit and working, let alone care for you in your old age, and you care for her in hers. I've seen enough aunts and uncles become a caregiver, and the idea of bailing was not even thought of, but they came up in the 30's, 40's, and 50's, plus that "I stood before everyone I know and swore to God" thing still meant something, you know, honor, duty, etc.

I don't see where the sodomites feel the need to make an all-out charge for marriage. It's not doing much for the straights anymore.

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