January 8, 2014

record cold is global warming

I will believe in man-made global warming when the models that predict "we are all going to die if we do not change our ways" can accurately predict the weather backwards. In other words, we have about 130 years of weather records. When one of the models accurately models what we have experienced, then I will be on board.  Until then, the whole climate change mantra is just progressives looking for means to take over the economy, your life, and your pocketbook.


Rita said...

I don't know how many zillion years this ol' earth has been rotating, but I suspect that dividing the number of years of tracking temps by the years of spinning amounts to an infinitesimal number. But the know-it-all shave it all figured out.

At least they've figured out a way to make money off of it.

Anonymous said...

ding ding ding Give th lady the prize! You are correct it is all about money and control.


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