February 26, 2014

Everything I need to know I learned from Billy Jack

Several bloggers have commented on the insane legislation in Arizona that would make it legal to discriminate on the basis of "religion". Hasn't anyone in the Arizona legislature seen Billy Jack? (Didn't that epic film take place in Arizona?). Refusing service to a person because he is gay is no different than refusing service to a person based on skin color. Good god, is Arizona going to demand a pink star for the LGBT community next? This proposed law is but a short hop, skip and jump from legislating separate drinking fountains. 

On the other hand, I am not sure why anyone would want their wedding cake, for instance, baked by a person who did not want to make it. But then I always think people are going to spit in my food.  That is just one of many reasons I am always nice to waiters and waitresses.


Anonymous said...

I disagree:

Forcing someone to do business with another is wrong.

It is a private transaction. If I choose not to do business with you because I don't like you that is MY business.

Say you were a murderer, or a child molester...If I choose not to sell you a car or groceries that is my business.

While I am NOT equating being gay with either of the two above, if a person running a business strongly objects to your choices, why should they be forced to accommodate your needs?

THis is a PRIVATE business transaction. Not up to the government to approve (or not).

Ed Bonderenka said...

I'm with anonymous on this one.
I also don't want to be forced to serve someone for any number of reasons, including , they offend my other customers (they smell bad, shout, wear offensive graphics, etc.)
I often hear the phrase "management reserves all rights" and wonder what that has come to mean.
Find someone else to put their best effort into baking you a cake to celebrate your activity.
I don't want to do work that is not to the best of my ability.

diamond dave said...

So am I. Private businesses should have the right to refuse service to anyone, and people should have the right to take their business elsewhere. And it's not like in any of these cases the customers didn't have other options.

Anonymous said...

It is difficult. Where do you draw the line? Is it ok to refuse service to the military or a Vet if you are a pacifist? Can the Arab at the gas station refuse you if you are a Christian? Do we tell blacks they have to stay in the hotel across the tracks?

I see you arguments, but I think this is a very slippery slope.


Anonymous said...

Why all of the sudden is this an issue?
Answer that question.

James Old Guy

B said...

I was the first "anonymous" poster.

I believe that I should have the right to NOT serve muslims, or Vietnam vets, or single women traveling alone....Or whatever I choose (liberals and AGW proponents?...Anti Gunners?)How about if I choose to discriminate against white supremacists? Smokers? Fat people?

If the State can tell me that I have to serve everyone, can they tell me what I can charge as well?

But I also should suffer should that become unpopular....In other words, if the community chooses to shun ME for my actions, that is also OK.

I believe that I should be allowed to choose not to hire people based on any criteria I choose as well. If I choose not to hire women or Christians, or Jews or whatever, that too should be my choice.

It is MY business...my choice. If I choose to discriminate that is up to ME. If I suffer consequences, that that is on me as well. If my actions are put on the internet or otherwise publicized and I suffer loss of business, then that is also a part of the game.

Now, let me be clear here....As long as you are willing to pay the price I set for my service, then I will accept payment and provide service. I am greedy and really only see the color of your money. I don't discriminate. I also don't discriminate in my hiring as long as you meet my standards and can do the job.

But if I choose to do so, I should be allowed to.

It is a concept called "Freedom".

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