February 10, 2014

Hello, My name Is Jim

I had to talk to a customer service department today. The guy who answered was clearly Indian (subcontinent, not reservation). He told me his name was Jim.  He had a very thick accent and I was instantly pissed off. Not because he was answering from India, but because he claimed his name was Jim. Had he told me to call him Ganesh, or Raj or Anoop, or even Dhruv , I would have been fine.  When he pretended his name was Jim he lost all credibility with me. How could I believe anything he said?  Our entire conversation started with a lie. Every word after the introduction was based on a foundation of falsehood.


Ed Bonderenka said...

It's time I came clean.
My name is really Rhan-ed.

hey teacher... said...

Me too.
really heyfafafasalataf teacherudh...

Dan O. said...

Maybe his name was Jahym
or Ghyam and you misunderstood because of his accent. Just sayin'. :)

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