February 25, 2014

Next I will be out on the neighbor's swing set

I stepped into the kitchen last evening to take my medicine. The wife was out running some errands.  The little boy in me came to the fore unbidden. In a spontaneous moment, I hoisted myself up, one arm on the island the other on the counter top like a gymnast on the parallel bars. As I swung my legs forward my right elbow collapsed, I fell straight to the hardwood floor smacking both elbows on the counters on the way down and landing flat on my back.  At least I did not hit my head on the sink behind me. My only thought was "What an idiot" as I fell in what seemed like slow motion. For the first hour or two I thought I chipped a bone in my left elbow, but this morning I think it is just a calcium floater that has been there a while.

When did I get so old?  I used to be strong.  I know I am not in high school shape any more, but unable to hold my weight on straightened arms is just depressing. The more important question is what possessed me to try something so stupid in the first place?


Ralphd00d said...

I feel for you. Awhile back I thought I could do an easy hop down from the back of my work truck. The distance was only about 4 feet at most, but in doing so, I ended up falling and dang near cracked my head on the back of the truck. Luckily, no one at work saw it, and I only bruised my pride (and thankfully not my body).

Rita said...

The image of you swinging on the counter, well it's just.....I mean, what were you thinking? It's just so funny. Especially when you add the part of your arm giving out. Sounds like a scene of a sitcom. At least they could have a stunt double for the "dangerous" stuff.

Be thankful you didn't break a hip.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I used to jump off the roof all the time. It was only 8 feet to the ground. I was also 15 and stupid.

I wouldn't do that today if you paid me. Bad enough I have to get up there to begin with, but that's where the antennae are.

Anonymous said...

Now it will take you six months to heal.

James Old Guy

hey teacher... said...

I was decorating the stage for tomorrow night's talent show and I had two ladders set up . I thought it would be a good idea to move from one ladder to the other without climbing all the way down. 2nd ladder decided to slide away. CRASH, BOOM, BANG!!! $&@#%¥£€! !!!
Good thing students weren't around.

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