March 16, 2014

The willow is whipping the siding

Here we are on a windy, cold Sunday morning. The coffee is hot, classic rock is playing in the background. I have not posted anything for a while and I sit here staring at the cursor. The steady strobe of that little flashing SOB mocks me.

I left home last Sunday morning to do a trade show. If you have ever worked a trade show you know convention halls invoke some weird time warp where clocks only run at a fraction of the speed of normal time. You think you have stood there smiling for two hours only to look at the clock and see that a slow twenty minutes has passed.

I returned home Wednesday night, just in time to kiss the wife, eat some dinner, and sleep. I got up Thursday morning, answered some emails, packed and jumped on a jet plane for North Carolina. I stumbled back home to battle rush hour traffic (welcome to the North Side, Joe) around dinner time Friday.  From Sunday morning until Friday evening I spent about 15 hours at home. Not quite half of those were spent sleeping.

Tell me again how you wish you had my job. I am bitching, but I do generally like my work. This was an unusual week for me to be on the road so much. A decade ago this was a typical week. I had little kids at home then. That really sucked. Now it is the wife and she is used to me spending the nights in a hotel. After I spend the whole of this week in the office, she will be subtly asking if I have somewhere to go. After all, those hotel and airline points are about to get her a very nice anniversary trip in a few months.

I hope your week was good. I think I am going to go watch Rocky. You do not need an IMDB link to Rocky do you?


Ed Bonderenka said...

What kind of freebies to you guys put out at the shows?

Joe said...

Crappy ones, as always -- coasters, iPad cleaners, some sticky notes.

These were marginally better than previous years which were magnets and key chains.

I say crappy, but I have some of the sticky notes and I am using one of the coasters on my desk right now. An iPad cleaner or twelve went into my briefcase for family and friends.

Cappy said...

If you're not giving away coffee cups you're not a serious contender.

Jean said...

At least your plane didn't get hijacked to China or India or somewhere.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I still have a coffee cup from a show that has the vendors name only. Roscom Inc.
No idea what they sold or did.
maybe they should have printed it on the cup.
OK, I just googled it. Years later.

Joe said...

The coffe cups work Ed. I just visited their website too!

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