March 6, 2014

I'm confused

If, as Harry Reid maintains, the stories of dropped insurance coverage and increased costs to individuals because of ObamaCare are all lies, why does the administration keep moving out the implementation dates? If ObamaCare is not hurting anyone, why do we need to keep pushing out the law until after key elections?

Funny, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee were roundly criticized by Obama and Sebelius for suggesting the implementation dates should be delayed. "No way, no how" was the Democrat response to the Republican filibuster.  Now, Obama has changed the law via fiat and we do not hear a chirpity chirp from hypocritical, Democrats.


DownStateIN Dale said...

I read this morning that the 'pub controlled house voted to delay penalties for 1 year. Nobody in Washington has the sack to let this train wreck happen because they all have their mouths firmly clamped to the taxpayers teats.

No different than Madoff or the mortgage bubble, follow the money. The whole system is corrupted by the greed and avarice of our elected officials and all of the industrial, financial sector and government fiefdoms that they serve.

There is no politics, only money.
There is not a single politician in this country with any ethics or morality left.

Every day I read that the left did this or the right did that - what's the difference anymore? Nothing but a bunch of self serving bastards lining their own pockets.

The real joke is that we are locked in. Don't vote and nothing changes; vote and wait one cycle for the money to corrupt the new ones and nothing changes again.

I wonder who will be the Gibbon that writes "The Decline and Fall of the American Empire"?

I try and maintain some optimism that someone will "do the right thing", but fear that is a naïve hope.

I'll be damned if I see any way out of this as long as people keep putting their own self interest first. But that's is fool's errand...The human condition is misery.

We must like being down in the muck; otherwise we as individuals and a nation would say: enough.

Joe said...

I am also increasingly disgusted with politics. The Repubs are as bad as the Dems. It is all about power (and money). Boehner said this week that "fixing" ObamaCare is his goal, repeal -- nope. Both parties realize that ObamaCare is power and money.

Republicans hate the tea Party/Libetarian types almost as much as the Democrats. The limited government types would reduce the power and influence a politician can wield. Even worse, we might impose term limits!

Lets face it, the guys who run for office are the same assholes that wanted to be class president in high school. They wanted the recognition. More so, they are the same guys who always wanted to tell you what to do and how to do it.

Read some biographies, George Washington was a self-serving asshole. Ambitious does not even begin to describe him. I guess some things never change.

DownStateIN Dale said...

I can't cotton to notion of a third party. It has never worked and never will, except to dilute the strength of the two dominant parties.

I think Denninger may be right, only way to change it is not to fund it. Only way to not fund it legally is pay less taxes. Only way to pay less taxes legally is to cut output and consequently wages....

Hey, it has repeatedly killed communism/socialism the world over and that's what these c-suckers want to put on this country anyway. I say let them eat cake!

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