March 3, 2014


The SnowTeam/ScareTeam was in high dungeon this weekend in the face of a large winter storm that, as of Saturday morning, was going to dump up to 11 inches of nasty winter snow on my backyard. The forecast was only off by about 80% as we got perhaps two inches of snow. The soggy leaves and detritus of fall are still poking through the snow as I look out across my patio. How can the models be so wrong so often? These same "experts" want us to believe their dire prognostications of climate change fifty and a hundred years from now?  They can't get it right within a 12 hour window.

I am working from my kitchen table this morning. Our mattress is on the floor in my office, since the bedroom furniture is huddled in the middle of the master bedroom, waiting to be pushed and shoved back into their rightful stations along the newly painted walls. The wife is occupying said mattress and I thought it the polite thing to move downstairs to work for an hour or so until she gets up. I am a prince of an individual.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Here's an honest metorologist:

What went wrong? An explanation of our awful forecast.

This guy is usually on the mark, too. Better than storm team scare team, anyway.

Jean said...

I guess projected high drama justifies their salaries.
We got an easy four inches but it stopped before noon instead of continuing through the afternoon, as predicted. Today it's melting.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Maybe you got our forecast.

Anonymous said...

If it's hot, it global warming, if its cold it's global warming, if its dry it's global warming. Well you get the idea, its all bullshit to suck more money from the government to finance assholes who can't qualify to do anything else. Worst winter, in , 20, 30, 40 or whatever. As I type, the local weather expert is predicting who knows what. Hell I can actually read weather station reports, being an ex pilot, sometimes the conclusions they come up with baffle the shit out of me.


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