March 29, 2014

Weekend Funny

I miss Johnny


Rita said...

He was definitely the best Tonight Show host. I got to see the show in the studio in 1977. I was saddened that during the commercial breaks, he had the lights turned down and completely ignored the audience. Didn't seem to be in character with what I had expected from watching him all those years.

In 1992, we win a trip to Hollywood and were given from row seats, but Johnny was on vacation, so Leno was filling in for him. Leno continued the show thorough out and was very funny.

I'm surprised one of the cable stations haven't picked up some of those old shows. Probably too many of them had topics that wouldn't translate today, but there was certainly enough material to keep us entertained better than shows they air today.

CnC said...

You can BUY the reruns, wish they were on TV I would watch them over anything else that is on now.

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