March 9, 2014

You can't see my face, but trust me when I tell you I am half-frowning today

I probably should post something. Inattention to the old blog will lose my last three readers. I have spent the weekend doing stuff around the house.  I painted the master bath. That leaves the laundry room as the last yet-to-be-painted room. I thought the bath was the last room, but the wife informed me I was wrong. So was my response to the need to paint an f-ing laundry room. I also hung three new light fixtures. Two went well, one was a real bitch.

This week is going to be busy work-wise.  Posting my be light to nonexistent. I am pretty sure you will survive the trauma of stopping here and finding nothing new to get you through the day. But then I may post multiple times every day. One never knows. I would bet on few scribblings were I a betting man. But then I would be betting on whether or not I completed a certain task or tasks, and since I control my own actions it would be a sure win should I bet. I don't think the bookies would go for that. I am not a gambling man anyway.

Have a great day.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Well, before I can start remodeling my flooded family room, I have to take shelving off the walls.
Before I do that, I have to relocate the printers, cable phone modem, wireless router, reroute cables all to a new central point, as if I have that many options.
The electronics are now moved, and everything works again after much travail.
The shelving still mocks me.
Hmmm, this could work as a post.

Anonymous said...

There is something in the female mystery that requires changing everything. New house, new husband, all need improving, and the job never ends.

James Old Guy

Anonymous said...

Women look for the perfect man then spend all of their time trying to change him


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