April 8, 2014


Bits and bytes. I don't understand 'em.  I do know my old steam powered desktop computer was purchased in 2002.  It was state of the art in those dinosaur days of computing. Today it runs Widows XP and is unusable without upgrades.  The good news is the wife transitioned to her iPad some time ago and I use a laptop. The only thing we used the desktop for was a repository for pictures (that does not need internet) and for our iTunes accounts.The old desktop was little used and will be less so as Microsoft ends support for XP operating system, including (most importantly) security updates.

We had a Windows 7 laptop we bought the boy a few years ago.  He abandoned it when he got a new, more powerful Apple machine for graduation. I copied all of our iTunes stuff to it yesterday. The pictures have long been backed up to external drives.

The truth is the desktop has been lingering in a slow death for a long time. I only fired it up every few months to transfer pictures. It will serve the same function going forward, but the internet cord has been pulled, No use leaving the door unlocked for cyber thieves and viruses, in the event I try to go online on some future occasion. Old people forget important stuff like that.

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Anonymous said...

I bought a Win 8.1 computer a while back. I am a bit frustrated with it and I work on computers everyday. Win 8.1 and Itunes do not play nice, hopefully the next update will fix that issue.


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