April 1, 2014


John Kerry and the Obama Administration are so desperate to have any sort of foreign policy success they are willing to consider releasing Israeli spy Jonathon Pollard if that would get Israel to agree to release Palestinian terrorists and give up sovereignty of their borders.

I never cease to be amazed that the Jewish voters in this country flock to the polls and vote in overwhelming numbers for Democrats. Jimmah Carter is an active cheerleader for the Palestinians and Hamas and he is not alone among elected Democrats who help, cheer and support the very people who have vowed to push the nation of Israel into the sea.

Sadly, this Pollard proposal is no April Fools Joke.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Pollard should have been shot. That would have solved the whole problem at a bargain price to the taxpayers.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I knew someone years ago who was a friend of the Pollard family. She was an intelligent woman who held political views similar to mine, except that she was absolutely loopy about Pollard. She would make every excuse in the world for him, and talk about how the US government was torturing him by not letting him have his cello and keeping him in solitary confinement and shit. Mostly she excused him by saying that he wasn't really spying since Israel was an ally, not an enemy.

I finally just flat told her that I didn't care if Israel was our ally and we did the same kind of thing to them and all that shit. He should have been shot. That ended that friendship.

Joe said...

Pollard is a lightening rod for Israel, because his capture was a huge embarrassment.

Traitors should be shot -- Pollard, Jane Fonda, Robert Hanson, Snowden. Period.

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