April 27, 2014

Game of Thrones and the remote control

I have read with interest the various critiques and counter critiques and critiques of the critiques about the HBO series Game of Thrones. I love the books. I like the mini-series. For those who are concerned about the gratuitous violence and graphic sex, I suppose my best response is that you probably should change the channel if you do not care to see it. It is one thing to be a critic of the show, it is a far different thing when a self-appointed critic suggests the show should not be aired. Blah, blah, I am not aware of requirements to have positive heroes, or positive life lessons in my entertainment. If so Bill Maher, Chris Mathews, and David Letterman would be talking to themselves in mirror above the bathroom sink instead of polluting the airwaves with their crap. The Kardashians  would be consigned to the ether of deep space. Most religious programing and televangelist preachers would be forced to do missionary work.

Turn the show off if you do not like it. Here is the crazy thing about entertainment; if there are no viewers, no new episodes will be made. No one is forced to watch Game of Thrones or any other show on the TV. There is plenty of programing to be found on the two hundred or so channels that beam into my home that I find stupid, repulsive, unwatchable, and a waste of time. At any given moment that may mean 199 of my two hundred channels are unwatchable. I find the one I can tolerate or read a book or listen to music. It is a concept called freedom and the antithesis of political correctness.


Ed Bonderenka said...

I wish that people would pay attention to the real political machinations and corruption that influence our nation instead of those that move a tv series.
I understand that you do both.
Most don't.

Cappy said...

I prefer "The Game of Nerds".

CnC said...

My girlfriend talks about that show all the time, she loves it. I don't have HBO but when I did, it was the series that they produced that was with the price of admission. I have Showtime now and I have it because of their series. The movies are crap. AMC has some great programming also. The cables put the big three to shame.

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