April 15, 2014

I really, really need a vacation

OK. It is not my internet causing problems, it is my laptop. Through a long sequence of events that are neither germane nor interesting, I am using my son's old laptop this week. It runs Windows 7 and IE. For some reason I cannot post to the Blogger template. I can write a title, but I cannot write in the text block in "compose" mode. I am bringing this to you in HTML mode. The things I do for you... 

After Chamber of Commerce weather over the weekend, and temps in the low seventies yesterday morning, we have snow on the ground this morning. You read that right. At 11:00 AM yesterday morning I had the window open and the ceiling fan running in the office. At 11:00 PM it was snowing. Mother Nature is a bipolar bitch.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Try setting compatibility mode for blogspot.com . MT has a similar problem but if I kick IE into compatibility mode it goes away.

Either that or try Firefox, which I doubt has the problem. (Personally I no longer have Firefox, I have Pale Moon for Firefox-y needs.)

Jean said...

Snowing in OH also...and postponed baseball games everywhere.
Bipolar Bitch, indeed.

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