April 10, 2014

On Flying

To be honest, the whole security screening ordeal at the airport does not bother me much.  Perhaps I am used to it. Taking off the shoes, keeping liquids separate is a pain, but not nearly as annoying as the people who are not prepared for the security measures. I wish I could bring a bottle of water from home, but I suspect the airport authorities like the "you gotta buy any drinks on the other side of security" rule. What bugs me is the whole lack of any sense of urgency on the part of TSA workers. I almost always get to the airport with plenty of time to spare. Still, the half-speed at which most of the workers move is maddening. I don't want to stand there in my socks waiting on my bag to come out of the belt while TSA workers are joking around. I know the job is boring, but there is no need to move in slow motion. I have encountered first hand this tendency to operate in low gear at a dozen different airports. Perhaps it is a union rule? I will admit most of the TSA folks I have encountered are friendly and professional, but they move at zombie speed. It must be something in the air at government installations, because I have seen the same attitude at the BMV, the courthouse, and the Social Security office.


Rita said...

And soon to come with your healthcare. All courtesy of your wonderful govmint.

B said...

No standards of productivity at any of those jobs.

Same issue at the Post office.

As long as you don't show up terribly drunk, and aren't arrested with a live boy (or a dead hooker in the trunk)you can't be fired.

Why should they care? All they want is to survive until the end of the shift and eventually to retirement. Working harder won't make either of those things happen any faster....Nor will working slower.

CnC said...

I think it was the airport at Kansas City just after 9/11. It took forever to get through security. Once through I like everyone else started looking for the restroom before boarding. Much to our surprise, the restrooms were on the other side of security. Great planning! So when we were allowed to board, the plane was delayed taking off because everyone was trying to use the airplane restroom. The flight attendant told me it happens everytime they come to that airport. I'm sure they have remedied this problem by now.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I wish people would check their damn luggage.

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