May 23, 2014

Cause and effect

The wife and I were in WalMart the other night.  A woman on one of those electric carts nearly ran us over.  Did I mention she was a large woman? So fat her ass and thighs kind of just flopped over the sides of the seat.  In her cart was five cases of Coke, three bags of Cheetos, and several cans of Pringles.

Draw your own conclusion.

She will probably sit next to me the next time I have to fly


Ed Bonderenka said...

and purchasing them with an EBT card.

B said...

SO next time take a piece of rope and tie her electric dolly to another cart. You can find rope (or a rope substitute) in either camping goods or (my personal favorite) the drapery aisle.

If you tie two or more carts behind her, she effectively cannot move without knocking things off shelves.

Might not cure rudeness, but will make them think next time.


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