May 13, 2014

I can feel it in the air tonight

Over the past month or so I have watched an occasional old episode of Miami Vice on Netflix. I am slowly working my way from episode one. It is a way to pass the time in lonely hotel room. I suppose it is a better diversion on a road trip than an evening of beer and hookers.

Back when Miami Vice first hit the airwaves in the mid and late 1980's it was sensation of color, sound and music video-like editing. Today, the colors are more like a washed out pastel. High def plasma screen technology and digital imaging has changed the way we see color on television. What was new technology in the 1980's -- brick sized cell phones, computers, all seem quaint when viewed 30 years later. But I still get a kick out of Sonny and Tubbs.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Like Hawaii Five-Oh, it would probably not suffer from a reboot, if done by the right people. But I never watched Miami Vice so I dunno.

Ricki said...

Loved this show in it's original run.

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