May 2, 2014

Politicians are stupid

I do not know why anyone looks to elected politicians as problem solvers, or wise leaders. I am certainly biased, but it seems that politicians from the Democrat party are exceptionally stupid. From Hank Johnson's concerns Guam might tip over, to Sheila Jackson Lee's query regarding finding the Apollo landing site on Mars (among many other idiocies) to Nancy Pelosi's "we have to pass it to find out what is in it", stupidity seems to be part and parcel of elected Democrats. Now the Democratic representative from Washington DC, Elanor Holmes Norton, claims the war in Iraq was “perhaps the most catastrophic war of the 20th century by the United States of America.” source

The Iraq war was in this century -- namely the 21st. The deadly 20th century gave the world the Second Boer War, the Russo-Japanese war, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Russia/Afghanistan, the First Gulf War, the war in the Balkans and the mass political killings in Russia, China, Cuba, Cambodia, Central America and the many and on-going wars in Africa. Not to mitigate the loss of life in Iraq, but how about we turn down the hyperbole a bit?

If MS  Norton mis-spoke and thinks the Iraq war will be the worst this century, I advise her to get a little historical perspective. A century ago in April 1914, the horrors of WWI and WWII had not even occurred yet.  For a bit more perspective, there were an estimated 188,000 deaths in Iraq. That total was easily surpassed by the casualty counts in the opening months of "The War to End All Wars". It is estimated there were one million casualties in August of 1914 alone. It is beyond silly to make any claims about "the most..." anything in a century not even 14 years old.

And you think these people can create a new Health Care system?

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CnC said...

The people you mentioned may not know what hyperbole is or even how to spell it but they do know how to practice it. As an aside, how could you leave Sheila Jackson Lee off that list? Look at all the fine work she's done in the area of The Two Vietnams, Slavery Ended In The 1960's, The Constitution Is 400 Years, and one of my favorites, Why Are There No Hurricanes Named With African American Names. And I hate to point this out Joe, but you unfairly attributed the Can The Mars Rover Go To Where The Astronauts Landed And Take Pictures to Maxine Waters. Although Maxine is an idiot in her own right, it was Sheila who gave us that jewel.

Joe said...

You are right. I wil lfix it immediately!

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