June 19, 2014

Genetically modified foods

This is what an ear of corn looked like a thousand years ago.

Over time farmers practiced selective breeding, cross pollination and advanced farming techniques to create the ear of corn we have today.

Dogs, cows, pigs, and chickens are all bred for certain characteristics. farmed fish and shrimp are bred to give the meatiest and tastiest products. All of this is genetic modification.

Sometimes the genetic changes are developed in a lab, not a breeding pen. But developing grains and food that is resistant to disease and drought seems a good thing. A plentiful food supply is essential.

One of the "causes" of the modern progressive is a ban on genetically modified foods. Ben & Jerry ice cream vows to use no genetically modified ingredients. Sorry, but the Vermont cows that provide the milk have been genetically bred to provide the most milk. The whole concept is just silly.

The very people who cry chicken little over global warming are fighting  tooth and nail against grains modified to resist drought.

The same folks who want to use human tissue stem cells to develop cures for cancer, and other diseases are protesting genetically modified soy beans.

I swear hypocrisy is the foundation of the liberal mindset. 


WomanHonorThyself said...

I swear hypocrisy is the foundation of the liberal mindset. amen!!!

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Well, but see, those cows were genetically modified the natural way -- by selection and culling of the herds. Many of the unfit probably graced a plate not long thereafter.

Mmm. Steak.

Anyway, yeah, the hue and cry regarding genmod is silly when you consider that just about every food we eat today is genmodded somewhere in its ancestry. Take turkey, for instance -- wild turkeys don't look like the ones you generally see on the Thanksgiving table, because the domesticated ones have been bred for ... for ... well ... really large breasts.


I do have to say that I'd rather drink Pasteurized milk from cows that are kept healthy by factory farms than drink raw milk from some random cow kept in some guy's barn. I like staying healthy myself.

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