June 16, 2014

I do believe, I do believe

Global Warming is truly a religion. It takes a firm belief that any and all climate change is man-made and man-controlled.  President Obama's graduation speech sounded much like a preacher, condemning those who do not believe in a deity.

Is the climate changing? Yes. Has it changed many times over the life of this planet we call Earth? Scientists will tell you the Earth has been warmer.  It has certainly been colder, yet somehow, we are to believe the changes in the past 150 years are solely the cause of cars and trucks and industrial growth. Currently there are more than 30 active volcanoes around the globe spewing carbon into the air, along with lots of other chemicals.

The true climate believer tells us global warming is a real danger, but cannot explain why there has been no measurable warming in more than 15 years. The true climate believer cannot explain why their models do not work, nor why these same models cannot "predict" what happened in the past.  We just have to "believe". Climate scientists cannot explain why we had ice ages and warming periods in the past, eons before man started burning coal.

Should we be good stewards of our environment? Sure. Should we destroy our economy and way of life to prevent something that we cannot control? What we do not know about science is mind-boggling. A few centuries ago a consensus of scientist believed the sun revolved around the Earth, that if one sailed too far into the ocean you would fall off the edge. There are some who once believed you could stop a volcano from erupting if you offered up a human sacrifice. Obama and other true "warmists" seem to believe we can control the climate by sacrificing our economy. And some children believe that if they wish hard enough for a pony when they blow out their birthday candles Old Paint will be saddled and hitched in the backyard.

I know if you take grant money to investigate a theorem, and find out the research was a waste of time, you do not get the next grant to keep working on your theory. I wonder why so many researchers keep looking for proof of man-made climate change?


Ed Bonderenka said...

Preach it brother!
I mean, ... well said.

Anonymous said...

Raciest, Denier, uh smart guy who see's the bullshit meter pegged at the top.


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