July 17, 2014

It was just like being back at Boy Scout Camp

It has been a while since the wife and I ate out a a restaurant. It has been even longer since we had BBQ, one of my mostest favorite foods. So last night we found ourselves at my favorite BBQ chain location. When the food came I breathed in the sweet, smokey goodness, took a small bite and reached for the salt to add just a smidgen of seasoning to that delicious pulled pork. And doom descended on me and my pork. Some jerk had loosened the lid on the shaler and about a tablespoon of salt poured on my food before I could stop the flow.

Seriously, we were in the bar, so I know a purported adult pulled the juvenile prank. Some people never move beyond junior high.

I scraped off the salt and top layer of pork and the food was still good, but not as good as it could have been. 


Cappy said...

Herb Schreiber pulled that same shit at my Bar Mitzvah dinner. I cornered the little vontz in the parking lot and started choking him with his tie. Damn thing was a clip-on.

Joe said...

Herb always was a dickhead

lotta joy said...

There's nothing like a good pulled pork barbecue and since we left Indiana, I must say there's NO ONE in Florida who remembers how to use seasonings or make a tender pulled barbecue slathered in the right type of sauce. Down here it all tastes like they used Sweet Tarts as the main ingredient.

Joe said...

I l;ike almost any kind of pulled pork from the tang of KC style to the spicy Texas sauce and even the vinegar based sauce you find in North Carolina. But mostly I like my pork dry, with just a tiny bit of sauce. Most places smother the meat and you cannot taste the smoky flavor. The suace should be added flavor, not THE flavor.

The wife? She likes lots of suace and the sweeter the better.

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