August 30, 2014

I am just whining, skip this post


I am a complainer. I know it. I don't want to be.

I am subject to rapid mood swings. Lately they have been more on the downswing than otherwise.

Combine the above statements and you understand my lack of posting lately. No one wants to hear about my troubles (real and perceived). 

Right now I am about as low as I have been in a very long time. I buoy myself with the certain knowledge things can (and likely will) get worse. I do indeed have plenty to be thankful for (bad grammar notwithstanding). 

For a good while we were flooded with happiness around the old homestead. It seems God has installed the sump pump of despair to fix that situation.

Don't worry, tomorrow will bring back happy Joe.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Dude. If blogging is a community, then I commiserate.
Heck, I'll even pray for you.
But not out loud so as not to embarrass you.
I didn't know you had a bad grammar.
I'll pray for her, too.

the Pygmy Rattler said...

(frequent lurker)
Life is a mixed bag.In 10 minutes I leave to go watch our Jacksonville Suns play the Mobil Bay Bears, in 93 degrees. We could very well lose. But, we might get 4 inches an hour down pour which would save our rankings. Thor could throw down lightining like Sherman took Atlanta. Not likely I would flood out coming home-I could help some poor motorist.
Or, the Suns win! In addition to the free mascot snow globe, there's great food at the baseball grounds. I love watching the young fellows scramble for the fouls in my area. I hate paying full price on promotion days(I'm over 62). I hate night driving.
But on Saturday night, when all is done and at home, I pour a stadium cup of Beam and Coke and all is right, here at The Mockingbird.

Jean said...

Mood swings... ohhhhh yeah.
It might get worse but eventually, with all the support you have, it will get better.
Keeping you in my thoughts.

Joe said...

You guys sure know how to make me feel all warm and fuzzy.


Anonymous said...

I have a Joe o'my own y'know.

Sometimes she's a grumpy Joe. Sometimes hungry or grumpy Joe.

Other times she's little smarty-pants Joe, and quite often she's just silly, SILLY Jo.

But I gotta say: I DO like my happy Jo best.



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