September 18, 2014

Beef and Beets with Burbon Butter Broth

I woke wide awake a bit after four this morning. I don't know why. I flipped and flopped like a trout tossed on a river bank for a bit and finally gave up and climbed out of bed*  I have been sipping my coffee and surfing the web since.

I bet you are saying to yourself  right about now "Self, since Joe was up early I bet he is going to knock out a killer post given the extra time in his work day". You could say that if you want to be wrong as a Democrat on foreign or domestic policy. You don't want to be wrong do you? I was once and I did not like the feeling.

My coffee cup is empty and so is my tank of creative juices. Is it weird I am craving a hamburger at 6 in the morning?

*That phrase has always bugged me.  How do you climb out of bed? I don't sleep in a pit or a hole. There is no ladder or stair involved in exiting my mattress.  Instead replace the "climbed out of bed" phrase with " rolled out of bed" it is a more apt phrase and leaves my just slightly more satisfied with my elementary school level of prose.

What? It did not cost a bit to read this drivel. You get what you pay for in life. In this case you got a whole lot of nothing.


Anonymous said...

Craving a hamburger eh? (Message received, btw.)

Well then. Pack up the wife 'n kids 'n head on over to Hardee's!

Just curious: You and James still regulars at that site run by that "cool and quirky" (and rather ugly, inside 'n out) liberal female who bitches about everything?

Meh. Whatever.


Joe said...

Nope, I am no longer a regular visitor. Sometimes, but not often. I will not comment there a tall. Those liberals are sure intolerant of differing opinion.

I missed the hardees connection though. I have had a craving for a juicy burger for about a week. Too much chicken in my diet I guess.

Hope all is well with you Fred. It is good to see you back in the comments.

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