October 31, 2014

Friday Music and a few facts you should know

I was planning on putting up some Traffic this morning, or maybe some good southern rock.  Instead I put up a spooky homage in honor of the date.

It looks to be a blustery late fall-type day around here with strong winds, rain, sleet and maybe even a bit of snow by the time Saturday rolls around. I suppose it is better to have some strong winds to shake the leaves from the trees. I would rather rake a bunch of leaves at once rather than a smaller amount every few days.

Warning explicit language follows.

What the hell is wrong with that stupid cunt in Maine who was exposed to Ebola in Africa? She is supposed to be a nurse.  What happened to "do no harm"? Any sane person would try hard to avoid being the next "Typhoid Mary", but apparently this woman is a narcissistic piece of shit that would rather risk infecting her friends and neighbors than be inconvenienced for a couple of weeks. I would bet my next paycheck this bitch is a fucking liberal..

End of rant

I start my new gig on Monday, Posting will be scarce for a while as I spend my days buried in training and real life 8-5 office schedules.. Not that anyone cares, but I did not want my loyal readers to wonder where I went for the next few weeks.


CnC said...

She is glamming for the cameras. She is a piece of shit media hog. How would she feel if she infected someone? Would she be held civically responsible?

hey teacher... said...

Heard this in the summer of '76 while attending Journalism Camp @ IU. Bought the album, "Tales of Mystery and Imagination", and ran the grooves smooth. That was a memorable summer!

Stan said...

Congratulations on the new gig, I hope it works out well for you!

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