October 16, 2014

So what, who cares?

I woke early again this morning. And yesterday morning. I suppose I am going to have to get used to it. Maybe it is because I'm getting older?  There is no point in complaining about it.

Things have been a bit slow around here with not much to report. You have your own weather and do not care about mine. I suspect you have even less interest in what I had for lunch or my boring walk on the treadmill.

The upcoming election bores me to tears. My local Congresswoman is a virtual shoo-in, this district being so Republican I'm not sure the Dems are even trying. On the national stage it seems the Republican platform consists of  "we're not Democrats". Even though polls show the public agrees with the conservative position on immigration and health care the GOP just wants to be Rovishly Democrat Light and keep losing general elections.

Oh, I got a new job.  I start next month.  Posting will continue to be sporadic, It is not like the world is clamoring for my opinion anyway.


Jean said...

A new job. I knew things would work out. This is better, right?
Details, please.

And, Congratulations!

Joe said...

Yep a real job back on the road selling stuff. Good pay etc. Equal or better than the old gig I lost back in June.

Way better than the part time gig at big box electronics store

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Good for you. While I'm still employed, I don't have much faith in the future of the company, so I just started looking this week. Hard to do after 20 years.

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