October 22, 2014

White puffs of cotton drifting on a light blue sky

I had to go pee in a jar for the new boss this morning.  When I got home I wiped a dust rag over the furniture and ran the sweeper on all of the carpet, including the stairs.  I also threw a load of towels into the washer and dryer. What a good boy am I.

It is a gorgeous day here in Hoosierdom, bright sun and the trees exploding in russets and golds all around. I took a spin around the backyard and would have sat on the patio and burned a stogie if I was not heading to work in a bit.  Instead I will publish this bit of nonsense, read a little and reflect on the good that is in my life.

Best wishes for a great day, blog buddies.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

"trees exploding in russets"

And here I thought potatoes grew underground. Live and learn...

Joe said...

They are not really dropping nuggets of Au either.

But that would be nice

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