November 5, 2014


I am laughing only a little at the repudiation of the Obamites. I fully expect the stupid party to waste this opportunity and to go all out in the effort to piss off their base before 2016.

I love the Democrat talking heads in the media who proclaim the 2016 Senate is up for grabs because 23 Republican seats will have to be defended.  There must have been a memo.  I know this ploy.  As a Cubs fan the old "wait until next year" mantra has been my only consolation.

We will see if the next wave of Obamacare and unilateral amnesty brings the Dems back to power and through out Repubs in the reddest red states.  I think it is clear we are sick of the racist war on women meme.

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Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Thing is, we had to take the Senate, regardless. There are some good seeds in the new class. Hopefully they'll take root and crowd out the RINOs.

I'm not happy about Mitch McConnell being the majority leader, though. He's a bit too far to the RINO side for me. Hopefully whoever is chosen as majority whip will instill some backbone into the majority.

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