November 20, 2014


How did the Caesars come to rule Rome? There was a Senate for the entire period of the Empire. How do despots gain power? How is tyranny born? The people and their Representatives allow it to happen.  Megalomaniacs run for office, especially President. They become above the law. Incrementally the tyrant gains power because no one stops him.

Obama will announce tonight he will create Legislation from whole cloth against the will of the People, despite the empty protests of Congress and in clear violation of the Constitution.  The Courts will let it happen, claiming no one has standing to stop him.

And our freedom and our government will slip away one stroke of the pen at a time.

I weep for my soon-to-be-born grandchild.  She will witness the decline and fall of America as I know it, aided and abetted by a willing press, and politicians who only care about keeping their power, no matter how illusionary it has become.


Anonymous said...

He knows he can do anything he wants, any attempt to reign him in will be called racist . The laws are on the books, he failed to enforce them, now he will attempt to plus up the Democrats by buying votes with his mighty pen. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.

James Old Guy

Ed Bonderenka said...

I wondered about that as a kid.
and could never see it happening here.
til now.

CnC said...

funny, I didn't read yours before I wrote mine but we both managed a Roman Emperor reference.

Dan O. said...

I'd call you cynical & pessimistic, except you're a dead-accurate realist.

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