December 17, 2014

Dear World

You are already a better place.  Meet Chloe, my perfect granddaughter.

Now could you stop evil people from killing innocent kids in the name of religion?  I am pretty sure no god would smile on such barbarism.


Unknown said...

Welcome to a new child of God, dear Chloe.
Soon you will have your grandpa wrapped around your little finger.

Love always, Johndeerebilly in Michigan

Great Uncle Otter said...

From this day forth, I will be known as the “GREAT Uncle Otter”…..

Jean said...


Anonymous said...

Nice and those plans of early retirement just got trashed, but it's worth it. Being a grandparent is more fun than watching a democrat admit being wrong.

James Old Guy

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Cool. We're grandpas together :)

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