December 12, 2014

TGIF And I'm not talking about the restaurant chain

Sorry. Time is against me. I can either read my usual stuff on the interwebz or write a post for you to read. The path of least resistance is to read. Historian Barbara Tuchman once wrote that"research is endlessly seductive, writing is hard work" and I guess that applies to my efforts around here.

I am certain it is evident by my prose, but most posts just flow from my brain to the keyboard. I have always written like that, even massive research papers in college. I would research, take notes, write facts, and study. After days, or weeks the narrative would just flow. I would write for hours, only stopping to insert a quote, a fact, to verify an important part. In general it took me only a bit longer to write a 20 page paper than it would take a person to read that same document out loud.

Creativity is an uncertain thing, and I have been a bit lax exercising it around here lately. If you care then I apologize. If you stop by only to see what idiotic blathering I share on a given day, then I offer up this train wreck of prosaic nonsense for your entertainment.

No Friday music. Boo hoo.

I hope you have a great day.


LeeAnn said...

My creativity, most of the time lately, has crept away to pout in the corner and left me with little recourse but to post amusing videos and such that I've found elsewhere. It's kind of my "proof of life" thing. ( And now my inner comedian snapped out "Ya call dis livin'?")

hey teacher... said...

I was DJing a dance after school and was hoping for some fresh jams I could lay on the young hipsters. They're not to keen on the prose so I passed on reading today's blog to them.
Why, oh why, have you forsaken me?

Joe said...

I was going to play a tune by The Animals, but I posted using the iPad and it is too difficult for this old man to put up music on the newfangled device. Really, it was a matter of time. I'm still commuting to work instead of working from home. That means the time I used to spend writing this drivel is not spent in the car.

hey teacher... said...

Use a digital recorder in the car, transfer the file to pc and use voice conversion to convert it to type. Or just enjoy the drive and think happy thoughts.

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