January 6, 2015

Cold as ice

It was a tough drive in to the office this morning. Idiots were out in force on the slick and snow covered roads.

We are looking at a high of 3 tomorrow with wind chills in the -20 range. That is cold no matter where you live, but as I wrote the other day, it is January. This happens every year.

I am off to start a pot of chili for supper.

Stay warm my friends.


B said...

It is colder up here by the lake

Jean said...

This week is gonna be nasty weather-wise. Supposedly 4-6 inches of snow Wednesday and sub-zero temps after factoring wind chill.
At least I can stay indoors if I want to. Except for necessary shoveling.

Be safe on the road everybody.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I had a tough commute. Twenty feet on foot from the bedroom to the office, and I tripped over a cat on the way.

Joe said...

That is the same commute I made today

It is good to be back home

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