January 19, 2015

I melt with you

There was a picture here


Erin O'Brien said...

The best news for this sweet lil' dumplin? Milk prices are plummeting.


You with all your worry about those ol' milk prices last month. My advice to you, Hoose, is to stay in the grampa biz and get out of the prediction biz.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous little girl, welcome to the best years of your life.


Anonymous said...

I thought I had said this on an earlier post but it never showed up (maybe I didn't properly prove I'm not a robot or somethin' - who knows? Same thing often happens at Ed's place). But, anyway:

She's beautiful HB. Congrats Gramps!


Anonymous said...

At the peak last year, a gallon of whole milk cost an average of $3.86. The most recent numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate it's now $3.82 a gallon

Hold the press's!!!! a four cent reduction !!!!

Joe said...

Price of milk in $/cwt in Feb 2009 was $11.60

Price in Nov 2014 was $23.00


By my calculations that is a 98% increase.

Just call me Nostradamus.

Or this one: 02/08. - $19.10
12/14 --$20.3 (was $25.7 in Sept '14)

I'm glad milk is down a few cents. I am not happy it was up so much in the intervening years since Obama took office, just like I predicted.

Joe said...

ps I think you are starting to become obsessed EOB

There are doctors for that,

Joe said...

And if four cents is "plummeting" how would you describe the increase in gas last week? It rose 18 cents per gallon. I

Jean said...

Your face should be in the dictionary, right next to "happy".
You both are beautiful.

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